Arkanite Home Inspections

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who should get a home inspection?
    Anyone purchasing a home, about to sell a home, needing guidance on home maintenance, or has purchased a new home in which the warranty is about to expire.

  • Can a home fail a home inspection?
    The home inspector is objective in the home inspection process, this decision may only be determined by the client.

  • How long does it take to perform a home inspection?
    In general, the onsite portion of a home inspection will take three to four hours. Additional time may be spent offsite verifying findings if necessary, and performing a final review of your home inspection report.

  • How much does a home inspection cost?
    There are variables which influence cost like size, age, crawl space, etc. Please contact us at 479.644.1429 to discuss your home inspection needs.

  • What if the home inspection identifies a problem?
    Arkanite’s home inspections are completely objective. If problems or concerns are noted, we encourage you to work with your realtor to determine best course of action.

  • Who should be present during the home inspection?
    Other than the home inspector, there are no requirements for anyone to be present. However, Arkanite encourages the client to be present as this provides the client many opportunities to learn about the home, and inspection process.

  • Why can I not perform my own inspection?
    There are no laws which prevent someone from performing their own home inspection. However, it is recommended you hire a professional who is trained and licensed specifically in home inspections.

  • How do I choose a home inspector?
    Typically a home inspector may be recommended by your realtor, family, or friends. Mortgage lenders, title companies, and some insurance companies may also recommend a reputable home inspector.

  • Why should I choose Arkanite for my home inspection needs?
    At Arkanite, our primary focus during the home inspection are items like fire, safety, health, and deferred costs. We also like to insure you understand what and why items are being inspected, which is why we highly encourage you to be present during the inspection process.

  • What does a home inspection report look like?
    Most home inspection reports are developed using a computer program installed on a tablet, and the report is delivered electronically to the client with hard copies being available upon request. Some home inspectors may prefer a paper style approach, and the carbon copy is the finished report. At Arkanite, we use a software program called InspectIT. A sample report may be found HERE.

  • How long does it take to receive my home inspection report?
    Arkanite’s promise to our clients is to provide the report within 24hrs after the onsite inspection has been performed. If we are unable to fulfill this promise, prior arrangements will be made in advance.