Arkanite Home Inspections

Types of Home Inspections

Buyers Pre-Purchase

11 Month Warranty

Buying a home and wanting to protect your investment. A pre-purchase inspection will look to identify fire, safety, health, deferred cost items, and/or illegal modifications/installations to the home.  All of thses items may be used to re-negotiate or help budget for future costs.

Most new home purchases come with a 1yr warranty. Before that warranty expires, it is recommend you have an inspection performed which is often referred to as an “11month warranty inspection.” This will help you to identify items requiring attention by the builder before the warranty period ends.

Home Maintenance

Sellers Pre-Listing

If you are looking to speed up the sales process, avoid potential deal breakers, or simply insure you are offering a good product to someone a pre-listing inspection is what you need.  Remember a home purchase may be the biggest purchase of someone's lifetime.

Looking for guidance on seasonal maintenance or just looking for a home “checkup,” then a home maintenance inspection may be what you are looking for. This is generally targeted for owners who have lived in their home for several years and looking for guidance or reassurance.